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Lent day 47

Posted: April 5, 2015 in Lent 2015

I was trying to explain to Max this morning why we celebrate Easter, and it occurred to me just how crazy the whole story is.

Sometimes I don’t think we really think about how strange our stories are until we try to explain them to a child.

I found a book and read it to Max to try to explain the whole story. He knew parts of it, but hadn’t really put the pieces together yet.

I think that’s the way most of us are. We have heard most of these stories all of our lives and yet don’t really seem to fully grasp them.

For me, I think, that has a lot to do with not spending enough time reading my Bible.

Over the last 47 days I’ve found the act of setting time aside to read the Bible and write a little about what I’ve learned to be an amazing way to actually digest what I’m reading.

I don’t know if I’ll keep up this daily writing thing from here on out, but I’ll try to get on a schedule that I can keep writing more often.

But through my daily reading and thinking on these things I’ve come to a whole new understanding about the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

I’ve come to see that the story of Jesus is still very much alive today, if we open our eyes to see it around us.

Each day before I read, I try to pray a little pray asking God to open my eyes, ears, mind, and heart, so that I may hear and understand what He has to tell me that day.

I think I need to remember that He speaks to us in our daily lives just as easily as our Bible study times.


Lent day 46

Posted: April 4, 2015 in Lent 2015

Holy Saturday

This is a strange day. If you think about the story of Easter, I think this day would be the hardest day.

You’ve been following this man around for a while now and you really thought He was the Messiah.

But now He’s dead and in the grave.

What do you do now?

Where do you go?

Are the Romans going to hunt you down and kill you too for following this man?

You thought He would save you and the country of Israel would rise again.

But now He’s dead.

How can this be?

We on this side of history, would tell them to just hold on for one more day. Things will change tomorrow and you will understand everything in a whole new way.

That’s easy for us to say.

But how are we when we are waiting on the things that we think God is going to do for us?

How patient are we when we wait for His timing in our lives?

I can tell you that I am horrible at waiting for anything.

I’m not a patient person.

I think, in some ways, that is the point of Holy Saturday. That we might learn to wait for God’s perfect timing.

That we would learn that His timing is not always our timing, but that His timing is perfect.

That even when it is the darkest in our lives, He is there and has never left us.

Lent day 45

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Lent 2015

As I was reading the story of the Crucifixion today, I realized that part of the reason I felt like I didn’t have anything to say yesterday, was because that’s the only way I know to be when confronted with the truth of what happened that day.

The fact that God sent Jesus to die for my sins leaves me breathless.

How can I stand up in front of the Cross and even think to say something?

All I know to do, is to fall on my face and cry, “Father, please forgive me.”

I know that I am so unworthy of the price He had to pay.

Yet I find that He was more than willing to do it for me.

What can I, a filthy sinner, say that can add to the work that God has already done for us all?

Lent day 44

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Lent 2015

Today’s been a strange day for me. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve had a really hard time finding the motivation to do my devotions and to write.

This is the 44th day that I’ve been doing this in a row and today I just really didn’t want to do it.

It feels like I’m empty today.

Not that I don’t have ideas. Just having a hard time feeling like it matters at all.

I know that there are people who have read the things I’ve written and enjoyed them.

I just can’t seem to find it in me to care about it today.

I know this isn’t a great post. Just felt like I needed to share this today.

Plus I didn’t have anything else to say.

I’ll keep plugging away at this and hopefully will feel more up to it tomorrow.

Thanks for sticking with me through all of this.

Lent day 43

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Lent 2015

As I read Matthew 26 today focusing on Peter’s refusal of Jesus, I realized how many times I’ve done that very thing in my own life.

My dad’s a pastor and so I was raised in the church. But I started living dual lives for a while. I would be one thing in church, and then a completely different person at school or with my friends.

It was like I didn’t want them to know that I was a Christian, and for the most part, I really wasn’t.

I went through the motions in church. But mainly because I thought that’s what a good pastors kid did.

I would have still called myself a Christian, but the way I lived my life denied Jesus.

This pattern has followed me throughout my life.

At different times I’ve tried very hard to not let people know that I was a Christian.

I didn’t want them to think I was “that kind of Christian,” so I thought it best that they didn’t know I was one at all.

No matter how you look at it, I was denying Jesus.

The amazing thing that I found through all of this, is that even though Jesus has every right to deny knowing me, He’s always been right there with me.

He’s never left me.

He’s never denied me.

Lent day 42

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Lent 2015

While reading Matthew 26 of Jesus praying in the garden, I saw how we should be praying when we pray for things.

I’m sure that most people know this, and I know that I’ve heard it before, but it really amazes me who Jesus prays.

He is grieved and overcome with pain about His coming death. He knows that this is what God has called Him to do. But He seems to not really know if He has the strength to go through with it.

I’m not trying to say that Jesus wasn’t strong enough to take what God had for Him. Just that it seems that He really wasn’t sure. I know that when I am upset about things and have come to God in prayer about them, it’s generally in a state of not knowing if I can handle whatever is coming towards me.

But still in His grief, He is very clear-headed while asking if there is any other way that this might happen. He knows what God is asking of Him. Yet He seeks out God to ask if there might possibly be another way. Maybe He doesn’t have to die. I’m sure there where a hundred different questions going through His mind while He prayed these prayers.

Yet He kindly asks if God can find another way. Then He shows us how we should pray.

“Not my will, but thine be done.”

Those are the words that we should pray when we come before God asking for anything.

He knows what is good for us and what we need. It’s not that bad or hard things won’t happen to us.

It’s more that in the midst of those things, we can call out to God and He will be there with us.

It’s still not easy to accept things sometimes. I totally understand that.

I have a hard time accepting the things that go on around me sometimes.

I have a hard time dealing with the effects of my depression and the effects it has on my family.

I have in the past prayed that God would take it from me. But that has yet to happen.

It’s hard to stay focused sometimes when we feel that our prayers aren’t heard.

But I do know that God is there, and He hears all of our prayers.

Lent day 41

Posted: March 30, 2015 in Lent 2015

I was reading in Pete Wilson’s book Plan B, and he was talking about community and how important it is to believers.

I’ve realized the same thing over the last few years.

I used to think that church was such a burden and the thought of having to go and share my life with other people just wasn’t worth it.

I couldn’t figure out how other people liked going to church so much. It didn’t make sense to me.

I could read the Bible on my own and have a relationship with God on my own. I didn’t need these other people to help me. They all seemed to be so messed up anyway. How could they help me even if they wanted to.

But recently I’ve come to understand that we really do need each other. We really do need to be in community with other believers.

Plus, as far as them all being messed up, I’ve realized that so am I. And that’s really the only real way for us to actually help each other.

If we think that our leaders are perfect then they won’t be able to help us.

If we think that in order to come before God or His church, we have to be perfect, we will never leave our houses.

We must realize that we are all broken people in need of an unbreakable God and the people He sends into our lives.

And the best place to find this, is in a church that understands these things.