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Blue Like Jazz

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Movies

Last night we went to Walmart and got the movie Blue Like Jazz from Redbox. I’ve been wanting to watch this since it came out in theaters a few months ago. But I rarely have the chance to get to the movies, so I waited for it to come out on DVD. Which happened yesterday. So, we got it and watched it with Jennifer’s parents after the kids went to bed.

I have to say that I was worried about how they would turn a book  of essays into a movie that worked. Especially since the book was such a great book. I remember reading it a few years back before we moved to Oregon. His description of Portland was one of the first things that made me want to move there. And while I don’t really live in Portland now, and haven’t really experienced the parts of it that he talks about all that much, I still feel strongly connected to the spirit of Portland.

But back to the movie. It was amazing. They took more of Donald Miller’s story and wove it into a cohesive story that worked for a movie. I know they changed a few things. But with how closely Miller worked on the film, I’m confident that they kept the spirit of his life story intact.

I can honestly say it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. And it was easily the best Christian movie I’ve probably ever seen. Even that term doesn’t seem to fit it. It is a Christian movie. But that’s not all it is. It’s a movie about truth, and the experience of finding your way in life. Which everyone can relate to.

I don’t want to give anything away to those that may not have read the book, but the final scene is beautifully done. And that brings me to the thing that I feel more Christians need to say. I’m sorry for the ways that Christians may have abused you. For the way that we seem to think we have a right to be everything in the world. For the way we’ve missed the parts of the Bible that tell us to love one another. That tell us to love our enemy and those who may not be the same as us. I’m sorry for not being a better representation of the God I love. I’m sorry for bringing shame on His name when I should be doing everything in my power to bring glory to his name. Most of all I’m sorry for any pain we Christians may have caused you. We are all broken human beings in desperate need of a powerful savior. We, as Christians, need Him just as much, if not more than those we tend to look down on. So, I wanted to take this chance and say I’m sorry.